12 Top Missionary Resources

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The materials listed here are selected based on how we rate their utility.  Most of the LDS books listed on this page are available under "additional titles" in the missionary section of Deseret Book online.  We are not affiliated with Deseret Book or with any other distributors of commercial products in any way.  If you know of other online LDS stores that also offer these books, please let us know.  Please suggest other books or resources on missionary work for review.

Resources on Effective Missionary Work

1. Tools for Missionaries: Harvesting the Lord's Way
By Grant Von Harrison

This is the best book by far we've seen on techniques for proselyting effectively.  Brother Harrison's book has plenty of specifics on effective missionary techniques and skills which most other books are lacking.  Reading Tools for Missionaries and applying its principles on my mission helped me immensely in developing my effectiveness together with the Lord and "Harvesting the Lord's Way".  This book contains a wealth of information not found elsewhere.

Tools for Missionaries deserves serious study and consideration by every missionary and member serious about bringing others to Christ.  If principles in this book were studied and applied by all missionaries and Church members, true conversions - not just baptisms - would double, triple, quadruple, and multiply exponentially.  The effect on the growth of the Church would be immeasurable.

This book is definitely a must for missionaries who want to serve most effectively.  This book is our gift to all of our friends who leave on missions.  Brother Harrison donates all proceeds from the sale of his book to the Church Missionary Program.

2. Missionary Action Guides
By David Stewart

Free online action guides with practical tips for helpful planning and goal setting, establishing dynamic member-missionary programs, revitalizing your finding program, teaching the discussions effectively, achieving 100% retention of new converts, leadership, language learning, tailoring the message to the culture, and more.

The Missionary Action Guide Series is available for free download at MissionaryHelper.com.

3. Words to Live By
Compiled by David Stewart

Words to Live By includes over 2000 quotes related to missionary work from LDS General Authorities, scriptures, and famous people throughout the ages. This is the largest compilation of missionary related quotes ever assembled. This book can help missionaries and member-missionaries to grasp the whole picture of missionary work and to work in a balanced and effective fashion.

Words to Live By is available for free download at MissionaryHelper.com.

4. Heavenly Father's Angels: The Ultimate Missionary Guide
By Marcus Sheridan

An insightful book by a very effective recently-returned missionary covering most aspects of missionary work. Life in the MTC, discussion teaching tips, planning, time management, goal setting, finding, and much more.

5. Called to Serve Him: Preparing Missionaries to Bring People to Christ
By Elaine Cannon and Ed J. Pinegar

This book, written by a former president of the MTC and the former General Young Women's presidents, discusses the development of missionary attributes.  It is written in simple, easily understandable language, yet it imparts deep and important truths.  This is a wonderful little book which I fell in love with the moment I picked it up. I wish every young Latter-day Saint would read and re-read at a very young age.  Even for young women who are not planning on a mission and for post-missionary age "member-missionaries," this book provides a wonderful foundation for the development of successful missionary attributes.

6. The Purpose Driven Church
By Rick Warren

Even though this book is written by a non-member, it is definitely one of the top five missionary resources I've seen, and I've literally spent many hundreds of dollars on dozens of books looking for the best ones.  Rick Warren is the pastor of Saddleback Church in California, the fastest-growing Baptist church in U.S. History.  He writes in a tasteful, spiritual, and inspiring manner well-suited to the needs of LDS missionaries and members.  Those LDS missionaries and members I know who have been open-minded enough to read this book have instantly fallen in love with it.  Rick Warren bases his points on over two decades of experience, observation, and research on what actually builds a church.  His ideas are not theories -- they are actual facts and principles on which successful growth is based that correlate exceptionally well with my conclusions after serving a full-time LDS mission.  This book helps missionaries and members recognize ways they can be more effective that would take them years to come to on their own.

The Purpose Driven Church is available here at Amazon.com

7. Church Planting Movements
By David Garrison

The number of Southern Baptist congregations among interior peoples of India, Cambodia, and many other nations has almost doubled every year throughout most of the 1990s years. Over 1000 new churches were organized among one interior Indian people in 2000 alone. In an era when worldwide LDS growth is only 3% per year, how are the Southern Baptists consistently achieving annual growth rates of 100% in many developing nations? This interesting manual by David Garrison of the Southern Baptist Mission Board explains how. While not everything in this booklet is applicable in an LDS setting, it does teach important principles of rapid church growth.

This book is available for free download here.

8. Serving with Honor
By Randy Bott

This is a great book by Randy Bott, the highly acclaimed instructor of the "Sharing the Gospel" course at BYU and former mission president and missionary.  There is not much crossover between Serving with Honor and Tools for Missionaries.  Serving with Honor covers more of the non-proselyting aspects of missionary work: getting along with your companions, tips for greenies, communicating with the mission president, developing an appropriate attitude toward leadership, using companionships as a model to develop skills for marriage, and so on.  Every missionary should know and practice the information contained within this book.  Brother Bott's experience as a mission president and missionary and daily interaction with hundreds of prospective and returned missionaries through his courses taught at BYU makes him a uniquely qualified author.  This should be required reading for all newly-called missionaries before they arrive at the MTC!!!

9. Essays for Prospective Missionaries
By Grant Von Harrison

Excellent essays, quotes, and scriptures on different aspects of missionary work.  A superb supplement to (but not a substitute for) Tools for Missionaries.  Highly recommended.

Language and Scripture Resources

1. The Book of Mormon on Cassette: English, Spanish, French, German

2. The New Testament on Cassette in over 300 languages
Published by Audioscriptures International

There is no better way to master the scriptures, the language, pronounciation, intonation, and grammar all at once than to listen to God's word on cassette.  The audiocassette series are produced by volunteer native speakers and sold at cost by a non-profit Christian organization.  The cassettes are extremely well done.  We use these cassettes regularly in several different languages .  It is a great way to improve both scriptural and language skills while washing the dishes, cleaning the house, driving to appointments, exercising, and so forth.  Many missionaries never become truly proficient with the scriptures in their mission language and are unable to adequately respond to basic investigator questions.  Use scripture cassettes daily and make sure that you become fully fluent in the Lord's word.

New: Listen to the Audio New Testament online in over a dozen languages!

3. Missionary Pal
Reference Guide for Missionaries and Teachers
By Kieth Marston

A great reference indexing many key missionary scriptures by topics.  All missionaries and members should be thoroughly familiar with this information to be able to address concerns about the Church.

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